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November 30, 2021

Your body needs food to nourish and sustain it. For without food, it withers and begins to die. The same is true for the spirit within you. Your spirit, your soul, the Eternal part of you must also be nourished with food. But, this part of you is not nourished through physical food. It is nourished by me. Don’t let your spirit, your soul, grow weak and begin to wither. Feed it every day. Feed it simply by turning your thoughts to me. Come, spend a few moments every day in my presence meditating, praying, thinking on me. When you do this, your soul will be fed and it will strengthen the rest of you as well. Then you will have what you need to meet the challenge of each day.

And the Holy Spirit says:

I AM within you to feed your spirit and soul. Allow me to do this so that you will be filled with the light and the love of God. Simply quiet your body and your mind, and sit with me, and listen. When you do this, you will begin to experience the presence of God and his nourishment that sustains your life.