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December 10, 2023



           It is never easy to experience, for an extended period of time, illness, or injury.  But know this.  It is not Me, casting you in such a role as punishment for anything.  When your spirit chooses a body of flesh, and to dwell upon Earth, for a while, you are subject to all that accompanies that choice.  What you can do is to stay close to Me.  Listen and I will guide thee through all such trials of Earth, until you make it through, and continue your eternal journey.  In that way, even while you are upon Earth, you shall dwell with Me, and I with thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Illness or injury is not a punishment sent from God.  And even through such times, you can use the experience to draw nearer to Me.  For I was sent to dwell within thee so you might continue to be taught by God, each of you, taught by God, in a personal way.  When you cannot walk in the material world, you can soar into the spiritual, listening and speaking with Me.