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December 12, 2022


      Thousands of years ago, dreams, and visions, and visitations, and apparitions, signs, and messengers, delivering messages, saved The Holy One, Who was to walk amongst you.  These signs, and messengers, with messages, have not ceased, have not stopped.  They flow to you from My heart, the core of your being.  Listen.  Heed the messages.  Be watchful.  See the signs.  Listen.  Record that which you see, or hear, or the dreams, which appear.  Make note of the visions, and the apparitions, which seem to be fleeting, from the corner of your eye, your peripheral vision, allowing you to see, the unseen.  For, as these things are written down, years later, you can return, to the word, holding the prophecies, and the messages, and the signs, which pointed The Way.  And then, you will see, and know.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pay attention.  Many of you, write down your dreams.  Many of you, record messages, you receive.  But mot of you, do not return, to read the messages, to heed that, which has been recorded, by you.  But there will come a day, when you will look, and see, and know, that The Hand of God was with you, wherever you did go.  And there were angels, pointing The Way, through the night, and through the day, so you might rise-up, and walk, The Ways of God.