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December 11, 2022



      What would you do, if I sent an angel, unto you, to say to you, that the time had come, for you to do?  What would you say, if the words, coming from the angel, were furthering your mission, by asking, something of you, which would require much?  What would you say?  Would you possibly say, “Let it be done unto me, according to thy word”?  What would you say?  Ponder, this, and be ready.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It might surprise you, greatly, to know, that God sends angels to touch each one of you, so that you might complete your mission, so that you might know it, as it unfolds, and without fear, walk into it, as you are told.  You might not recognize the messenger, as an angel.  But be prepared, because to each of you will come the messenger.  And the messenger will ask,  “will you receive this message, and embrace it?”  What will you say, when it is your day, your time, to rise-up, and say, yes?  The “yes,” you say, will change the course of life, upon Earth, and mark the day, that you embraced the messenger, the sign, the message, The Hand of God.