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December 11, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Celebrate this day, for I AM with you, and I AM celebrating, with you, so you might sing, and dance, and know, that God loves you, unconditionally, loves you.  And as God, unconditionally, loves you, God loves all those around you: those miles away; those thousands of miles away; those on the other side of the Earth.  All is loved by God. 


       “Most of the time, you make your way, over the Earth, on your Earth journey, doing what comes to you, by day, or night.  During your travels, it sometimes happens, that the ways of the world, and your ego, become more attached, to the material, because it seems that it is all around you, and, it is.  The material world is all around you, and you live in it.  But you do not have to be absorbed by it.  You are to observe it, as you make your way, through it, making it a better place: because of you, and your mission; because of you, and your energy; because of you, your spirit, that is you.  If you are upon the Earth, right now, you set a course, so that you can make a difference, some of you in a small way, some of you in a grand way.  But it does not matter which, because there is a place for each.  Those things you consider small, are really grand, in the big picture.  And, those things you consider grand, are no better than what you consider small.  They just are a piece of the whole.  And you are a piece of a whole, as the one.

      “As you make your way, every day, there will come to you messengers, with signs, and messages to assist you, like a divine compass, pointing The Way.  But, at some point, an angel will come to you.  Now, you might not recognize the one, who comes to you, as angelic, but they are.  And they will ask you, if you are willing, because you are ready, to embrace the assignment, that is yours.  The angel would not have been dispatched, to you, to say, it is time, if you are not ready.  So, when that day comes, embrace the message.  Rise-up, without hesitation, and follow.  Follow, the sign, and follow, the message.  It is a reminder, of that which you are to do, of that which you were sent to do.  And, at that time, in space, you are the one.  Do not run from the opportunity.  Say, ‘yes,’ and embrace the responsibility, because you have all you need, to make it happen, to complete it, to do what you most wanted to do, and to do it, for The Glory of God.

       “Continue your way, your journey.  Be watchful, and vigilant, and listen.  Ask, that you might know, and recognize, that which is happening to you, so that you are able to say, at the appointed time, ‘Let it be done unto me, according to thy will,’.  Within that statement miracles abide.”