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December 14, 2022



      If you go to an amusement park, or any other type of venue, where individuals are performing feats of balance, or strength, which you thought would be impossible to do, you find you are seeing that, which you thought impossible, (is) possible to do.  You see a wire, stretched, high above you, and a person walks out, from a ledge, onto the wire, and walks the wire, suspended high above you, until that person reaches the safety of a ledge, or a platform, placed there, just for that reason.  It looks impossible.  The wire is so thin, and it is erected high above you.  It seems the possibility, for failure, is ripe.  But still, that task was performed, with, what appeared to be, ease.  You each have a wire you walk.  And without knowing it, you have practiced, walking that wire, throughout your lifetime.  Others might see, what you are doing, as a feat, as intense, as walking the high wire.  They marvel at how you to it.  The it, the wire, for you, represents the challenges that you face sometimes, daily, sometimes, year to year.  It does not matter when the challenge does appear.  While others are observing you, they marvel, at the way you have carried through, walking your wire.  It takes practice to see a challenge, recognize the challenge, embrace the challenge, and walk through it.  You are showing, those around you, what can be done.  And they see you, and the thoughts change in their head to something new, that it is possible, with practice, to face these challenges, with relative ease, or so it appears.  But you know that it did takes years of practice to step out on the high wire, and make your way through that challenge, stepping off to the safety of a platform, set high above all, who are watching, so they can see, and know, that if you did it, with practice, so can they.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are so many examples of watching others do things, that you feel, you cannot do.  And as you watch them, carry through, and end successfully, your thoughts often go to, if they did it, I can, too.  Examples are important.  Your example is important, just as important as the examples, around you, being played out, by others you know, by family, by friends.  Each of you are buoyed, when you see another successfully, cross the wire, of a challenge, and make it through.  When your challenge is with you, see yourself, walking the high wire, successful, moving, at a pace, comfortable, for you, until you reach the platform of success, and you look out, and you smile, because you made it through.