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December 15, 2022




     How do you see the universe?  Today, I ask you to spend some time, reflecting on this offering.  All That Is, holds the universe.  Each one of you, upon the Earth, is a “verse.”  You have something to say, to sing, to share, to write, to paint, to dance.  Your verse is just as important as all the other verses.  And when, each of you, rises-up, your head held high, up, up, to the sky, where the light of the sun falls upon you, in such a way, that you shine, each one of you, is an important verse, combining to create the universe, that is one.  All That Is, is one.  And there is not one verse more important than the other.  If you are upon the Earth, now, release that which is, within you.  Do not hide your verse.  Stand in the light.  And, in standing, in the light, you become the enlightened verse.  Release it.  Shine.  Bring all that you have, every portion, of your verse, into the unity, and the oneness, of the universe.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be tempting to look out, around you, and no matter what you are seeing, be it mountains, or oceans, or rivers, or desert, or meadows, which stretch on, for miles, and miles, it is easy to get lost, in the greatness, and the grandness, and the expanse of creation, forgetting, for a while, that you are creation.  You see the grandness.  But from your vantage point, you do not see yourself.  As you stand, where you are, you are uniquely a piece of the whole, the one, that, which has been created, by The Power of God.