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December 14, 2023


          When you feel as if you have been slighted, or treated poorly, do not fall back into the mist of grieving what you believe to be your fate.  As you make your Earth journey you will encounter days of joy, days of sadness, days of glory, days of dancing, days of tasting the wine of Earth.  Part of the journey will always be to encounter many experiences, including those which rise up and surprise you.  You might ask, “What can I do to avoid the days filled with grief, sadness, or hurt?”  And I will say unto you, there is nothing you can do to avoid life, as it comes to you.  What you can do is speak with Me, every day.  And when that which you wish to avoid comes your way, we will talk, and I will show you The Way through, so that everything which comes to you will turn out to be good.  The difficult days will become the lessons of wisdom.  The carefree days shall become the source of delightful memories, dancing in the sun, until the day is done.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Not one experience which comes to you should be discarded as worthless, as you turn your head and wait for something new.  Each experience can be of value to you.  As I was sent to live within you, I was sent to bring you to this point, this clarity of thought.  I was sent to guide you.  Do not ignore the wisdom I hold, as a gift, for you.  It might turn out, in the end, that you come to place great value on that which once would have threatened you.  Come, I will whisper, and, in the listening, you will know exactly what to do.