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December 18, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Let there be light, and joy, all around, for you have seen the sign, and embraced the message.  You have harkened to the song, of the angels, and as you rise-up, all eternity watches, watches you, as you rise-up to embrace the sign, to embrace the message, and create the miracle, in the saying of ‘Yes.’                        



      “It was important that I come to Earth, and walk amongst My brothers, and sisters, in a garment of flesh, so I would know the feeling of the flesh, so I would sense, and know, hardship, disappointment, joy, comfort, bliss, and the promise, of the kiss, of a parent, upon the cheek, of a child, a statement of love, without words.  These things, I came to know, as I walked, upon the Earth.  I also came to know, the distractions, of the world, all around, the threats, of the world, all around, the promises, of the world, all around.  And in the knowing, of these things, came a better, and greater, understanding, of the permanent place, of The Love of God, unconditional, unchanging, every promise fulfilled. 

      “There is a difference in the ways of the world, and The Ways of God, and I encourage you to lean toward The Ways of God.  Do not hesitate, when you are called.  Do not hesitate, to harken to the call, to embrace, the message, you receive, comprehending that, if the message came to you, it is uniquely your own, yours to fulfill.  And you are the only one, who can fulfill your mission.  And your mission makes a difference.  It is your contribution, to the one, at this present piece of eternity, you call now.

      “You have angels, all around you.  You have The Spirit of God, within you.  Individuals are touched.  Animals, and trees, and flowers are touched.  There is so much, set in place, so that The Spirit of God will bring you the message, and you will turn your face, to the glory, to the promise, to the present piece of eternity, that is yours.  I encourage you, to pay attention, to be still, to close your eyes, to the distractions of the world, so you might take The Hand God, and walk The Way, as an enlightened being.  You can still enjoy the wonders of Earth.  You can still eat, and drink, and sleep, and dance, and play, and create.  But do so, using the messages, that are sent to you, in signs, and many other different ways.  My lifetime, upon Earth, would be different, if those around Me had not heeded the signs, which came in visitations, and apparitions, and dreams, and visions, and all manner of ways, to assist, in My safety.  That was not uniquely for Me.  It was strong.  It was powerful, because those, who were sent the signs, and messages, said, ‘yes,’ so you know of them.  And the same thing can happen, within your life.  Say, ‘yes,’ and “yes,” and “yes,” and rise-up, and walk, without hesitation, so others will know of them.  If you turn your head, or reject, then they will be missed, and greatly missed. 

      “Today, review the signs, and the messages, which were sent to those, who would care for Me, upon Earth.  And there were many.  And you know of them, and consider them miracles, because the people, who were sent the signs, and the messages, all said, ‘yes’.”