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December 17, 2022



      Whatever you would do, out of kindness, for another, do for yourself, today.  Cease the work.  Be still.  Give yourself drink.  Give yourself food.  Give yourself relaxation.  Give yourself rest.  Read a book.  Watch a movie.  Clean your body.  And when you are at peace, and your body is clean, and you have had drink, and food, sit with Me; and let us rejuvenate, your inner being, in the same manner, gently removing all that is of darkness and shadow, from your inner chambers, and rest, and relax, in peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Today, the light of renewal is upon you.  It is time to focus on you.  It is time for kindness for you.  Cease any words, spoken to yourself, in a whisper, or a murmur, or in silence, which have to do with unworthiness, or guilt, or shame, because this is the day, that we call them by name, and cast them out, because you are worthy of God’s love, and you will be enfolded, in God’s love, today.  Be still, and prepare, for a cleansing, inside, and outside.  Be still, so you might hear The Whisper, from within.  For, I will guide you.  Reject the idea to work.  Reject the idea even to go out and play.  This is the day, you rest, and sit with God.