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December 19, 2022



      When you rise-up in the morning, and you hear the song of the bird, it brings you joy, you smile.  When you see the rising sun, casting light, removing darkness of night, you are touched by the glory, of the rising sun, and you smile.  When you walk through the garden, which still holds the dew, the faces of the flowers, all looking up at you, bring you calm.  As you walk through the grass, in the afternoon, and come to the shade, of a magnificent oak tree, you look up, through the tree, and see the varying shades of green, and just all around it, you catch a glimpse of the blue of the sky, and you feel as if you have been wrapped in a blanket of revelation.  All that brings you joy, as you walk out, into the new day, is Me, greeting you, bringing you joy, and peace, and tranquility, revelation.  As you walk out in the day, all that reveals itself to you, is Me, touching you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As the day begins to play-out, and shades of evening fall around you, you watch the setting sun, and it brings you peace.  You watch it, as it appears to drop below the horizon, the last light, flickering.  It is sunset.  It is a time of prayer.  It is a time to acknowledge all that is there, with you, as bringing you some recognition of God, the beauty of God, seeing it, in all its glory, in nature, revealing God, to you.