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December 20, 2022


      Listen, and you will hear My whisper, in the breeze.  Harken, and you will hear My words, in the wind, as it moves over the Earth.  It is My creation: Earth, wind, trees, rivers, and oceans, and deserts, and mountains.  All living things, upon the Earth are My creation.  And all upon the Earth is living, whether you acknowledge it as living, or not.  Pay attention, for Earth is growing still, and quiet, waiting, and watching, silent.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God speaks, but do you hear?  Held within The Whisper of God is love, guidance, direction, and comfort.  Be still, and let it enfold you, so you might be at peace.  There comes a time, when Earth is quiet, and that time is now.  All of God’s creation is quiet.  Be still, be silent, and feel, The Kiss of God.