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December 21, 2022



      Take a minute, to remember, someone that you read about, or heard about, or know, who stepped, into a place, with an enlightened message, which exhibited, to all, who would look, and see, and hear, that God is with you; someone, whose message was so clearly, of spirit, that there was no doubt, from whence it came.  It was truth, standing, as light, so all, could look, and see.  And as the words flowed from them, all, who wished to hear, heard, and their hearts were opened to The Truth of God. Think, and remember, that someone, and know, the words, they spoke, did not come from books, or classes, or lectures, or hours of studying.  The words, they spoke, came from hours of being still, and listening, so they could hear, and know, The Ways of God.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Everyone cannot afford to buy, a book, and read.  Everyone cannot afford to take a class, and study.  But everyone can sit, and be still, and listen, and grow, in The Wisdom of God.