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December 25, 2022



      The gifts I give unto you are more valuable than those that are wrapped in paper, and string.  Yes, the material gifts, given to you by another, represent their thoughts of you, their love for you.  But then, My son, My daughter, the gifts I give unto you represent My love for you.  Accept the gifts, the spiritual gifts, you have been given, and do so with joy.  As I have given unto you, you too, can pass these gifts, to others: the gifts of unconditional love; the gift of compassion, and forgiveness; the gift of listening.  Here are the gifts.  They are all around you.  And I have sent My Spirit to dwell, within you, so that they, the gifts, might be given, as they are needed, so you might continue your journey, unimpeded.  I send you the gifts, from The Heavenly Dimension.  They are yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you walk, with your hand in God’s hand, listening to the guidance I give you, every day is a celebration, a day of receiving the gifts, given unto you, so you might do, all that you are meant to do, and do so joyfully.  Accept the gifts.  They are yours.