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December 25, 2022

      “I AM with you.  Rise-up.  Let us shake the shades of slumber, from around you, so that you can see, more vividly, so that you can see, with the eyes of your soul.  Unplug your ears, so you can hear Me.  For, My story is great.  My love for you is great.  My eagerness to show you, how it all really works, is great.  Rise-up, and walk with Me, today.  We will walk through the gardens of Earth.  And we will talk, and you will know The Way, because we will be together, in a special way, today.

      “Many of you, seek the answer, to your question, which is ‘Why am I upon the Earth? What am I supposed to do?  What is my mission?’  These types of questions, come to you, and you wonder, and you ponder, and you wish, often, that you knew.  Well, you have already been given the example, the template.  That might surprise you, but it is true.  All the pieces, to the puzzle, are held, within you.  It could sound trite, to say you have all you need, to do that which you are meant to do, but it is not.  It is the truth.  And because it is so simple, there is a temptation to push it aside, to set it aside, and say, ‘There must be something more, something more difficult, for me to do,’ when I say to you, it is true.  It is simple.  All you need to do is do that which is within you, inside of you, already.

      “As I walked upon the Earth, I showed, by living.  I showed by doing, and speaking, and loving.  And those around Me began, slowly, to see, and know, the lesson.  And the lesson is this.  Be loving.  There is not all that much written about My life, upon Earth.  Isn’t that interesting?  But there are more books, holding information, about the lives of presidents, and kings, and warriors, and such.  The information is limited, but it is enough to show you what you need to do, while you are upon Earth, as you are walking your journey.  Look at the example I left for you.  Be humble.  Read the words, about My life, and be moved, by them.  Be loving, be kind, be respectful, be patient, and tolerant.  Use Me, as The Example.  And as you are using the example of My life, upon Earth, do not elevate Me to a throne, and a crown.  Get onto the dusty path, with Me, and walk.  I did not wear regal garments.  I did not eat the foods of kings.  I did not surround Myself with powerful men, and women, who would make way for Me to walk, pushing all others aside, being victorious, in battle.  No, that was not there.  It was not pride of subjecting others to My will.  I walked humbly, joyfully, happily doing that which I could do to ease the pain, or the lack, of others, around Me.  And still, in this position, I did not do it, on My own.  I asked.  The Power of God was flowing through Me, and I was guided to do that which I did.  But I did so humbly, not arrogantly. 

      “Look at My life, upon Earth, as a template, for you to follow.  Then, use all the gifts, that you carry, within you, the gifts you use every day, and you will know.  It is a life that you will lead, rich, joyful, at peace, knowing you are doing The Will of God, for the time you are allotted, upon the Earth.  You have it.  There is no need to spend time, pondering, and wondering.  You are to do what I did.  Walk upon the Earth.  Love one another, as I have loved you.”