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December 26, 2022



   If you are called to take a hike, a very long hike, possibly across the state in which you live, one of the first things you do is to gather items, to put in your backpack, which you might use, when the need arises.  And you start out, on your hike, and you get a blister, on your foot, and you stop, and find ointment, which you have packed.  And you apply, the ointment, and continue on your journey.  Each time there is need, to use something, that you have brought, in your backpack, you are filled with gratitude, for that particular item, which you carry, with you, to use, when there is need, so you might complete this hike.  My son, My daughter, you are on a spiritual adventure, hiking over the Earth, completing your mission, day by day.  And I have given you the spiritual backpack, to carry, within you, which has all the items you will need, whenever there is a need.  Just as you carefully, gather the items, for your backpack, for a long hike, I have given you the spiritual backpack, you carry, within you.  Do not hesitate to use that, which you carry, within you, because there will be bumps, along The Way.  There will be mishaps, along The Way.  But no matter what you do, or say, within your spiritual backpack, is all you need to mend the way, and continue your day, walking along The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have heard it, many times, but hear, again.  You have been given, all you need, for your journey, upon the Earth.  It is true.  All you need is, within you.  And I too am, within you, holding The Wisdom of God, your Spiritual Compass, to show you The Way.  I AM your Advocate, your Counselor, your Comfort.  Do not hesitate to use, that which is, within you, to help you, to assist you, during your journey, upon the Earth.  Call on Me, for I AM, within you.  And within you, is all you need.