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December 27, 2022



      You arrive on Earth, with a mission, within you.  And even as an infant, you carry the gifts, within you, which will assist you, in your mission.  And, as you grow, you begin to have an inkling, and then know, that you have a mission.  And you set forth, with your mission, walking, upon the Earth, experiencing Earth.  And you meet challenges, and rejections, and illness, and disappointment.  But My son, My daughter, these challenges, illness, disappointment, rejection, do not come from Me.  They are the product of the world created by man.  But as you walk through, each situation, and meet every issue, you still carry the gifts, which have been given unto you, so that you might complete your mission, even in the face of the challenges, and the ways of the world created by man.  I do not cause disappointment, or hurt, or shame, or guilt, or illness, and disease.  I have already given you the gifts, within you, to overcome these things, which inundate you, at times.  But they are the product of the world created by man.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are ready for a great adventure.  I can say this, because you are, upon the Earth.  And if you are upon the Earth, it is a sign, of your worth, and your ability, to carry out a mission, that is uniquely your own.  Do not be dissuaded, by that which the world throws, upon you.  You have everything you need, to face, rejection, judgment, hurt, anger, hurled at you, from others, disease, of any kind.  Keep walking The Way, calling on the gifts, that I have, within you.  They are yours.  And I will whisper, and you will hear, and know The Way.  And you will use the gifts, and you will celebrate every day.  And that, which the world casts, upon you, will fall from you, as you make your way, using that which was given, to you, that which you carry, within you.