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December 28, 2022


      Whenever the message, the mission, is so important, the messenger is willing to deliver the message, and show the signs, no matter the price, no matter the sacrifice.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you think about it, messages are delivered daily.  At first, you might not notice that messages, and signs, are coming to you, but they do.  And for those, who are vigilant, they notice.  And then, they know the message, and honor the sign, and the messenger.  Each of you, walking upon Earth, is a messenger.  You have made the decision to deliver your message, the message that was written on your soul, by The Hand of God, uniquely your own.  And the message is so important.  Yes, that message you carry, within you, is so important, that you determined, you would walk upon the Earth, to deliver the message, to show the sign.  It is your piece of eternity.  It slips into place, comfortably.  And so, you walk the Earth, deliver your message.  And as you do, certain things might occur, around you, but you are willing to face discomfort, possibly pain, ridicule.  Whatever is being heaped upon you, it is worth the sacrifice, to deliver the message, that is yours to deliver.