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December 29, 2022



      What are you willing to do, to live in peace, and joy?  Are you, at last, ready to forgive a transgression, be it days ago, or decades ago?  Are you ready?  Are you ready to forgive yourself, for whatever part you played, in whatever incident, or situation?  Are you ready to forgive yourself?  Are you ready to reject judgment, of others, and yourself?  Are you ready?  For doing these things, will create, within you, peace, and joy, because you cannot have true, complete peace, unless you sweep away, all energies, that are of a negative nature, and be willing to sweep them away, even though you believe they are someone’s debris, cast upon you: words spoken harshly, unkind deeds, rejection.  Whatever you feel has been the transgression, are you ready to forgive?  The art of forgiveness, when applied, creates a masterpiece of peace, inside, inside you.  So, all those corridors, within you, go into them, and sweep, forgiving, forgiving, forgiving, rejecting judgment, of any type, forgiving, forgiving.  And as you do this, as you review your life, and forgive, it is as if you are hanging masterpieces along the corridors of your inner landscape.  You are creating beauty, where there once was debris.  And once you have forgiven, you have set yourself free, to live, within peace, and joy.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let there be peace, and joy, within you.  Be at peace.