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December 30, 2022


      The best forward progress is a slow, and steady, pace, looking around to see the place, in which you have landed, in that particular piece of eternity, the present piece of eternity, with you, and then, continue.  Do not be tempted to run, or hurry, or rush, in any way.  The best forward progress, for any time, but especially today, is to move slowly, in a measured pace, and be at peace, as you go.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are times when you are tempted to hurry, or rush.  And in the hurried state, of rushing from one place to another, there is always a possibility opening that, as you are so focused on hurrying, you lose focus of where you are going, of what you are carrying.  You often lose items, or trip and fall, or cause yourself anxiety, small or large.  As you move forward, trust enough, to slow your pace.  You will get farther, and be at peace, if you slow your pace.