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December 4, 2021



      Close your eyes, and see, Heaven and Earth as one, the gifts of The Eternal Kingdom, flowing, gathering, blessing, lifting-up, and enfolding, all who will see.  Understand that you can bring The Ways of Heaven onto, and into, the world, created by man, by that which you create.  Earth is My creation, and she knows My Ways, and lives in My Ways.  The world of man is created by humankind; but it, most frequently, creates for its own pleasure, profit, and will.  My Ways will flow, in the world of man, through your creations, your thoughts, your words, your deeds.  Every time you choose to create, in The Way I have taught you, you bring My Way, steadfastly amongst you.  As you walk The Way, you are the light unto the world, and the world knows The Ways of Heaven, through that which you create.  And lo, Heaven is amongst you, Heaven is in the world!  Close your eyes and see this.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The ways of the world can be deceptive, deceiving, and unforgiving.  The Ways of God are of eternal, unconditional love, and they will not mislead, deceive, or deny mercy.  Every act of kindness, forgiveness, compassion, or love brings The Ways of God into the world.  It is in this way that The Kingdom of Heaven will be with you, and within you, today.  It is in this way that miracles will replace the impossible.