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December 5, 2021



      You have been told that I AM spirit, I AM love.  You eagerly embrace this, and wish to draw nearer to Me, even closer than you are today.  But the way you think of Me has something to do with drawing nearer, drawing closer.  Give up the idea that I AM in a realm of limitations, and boundaries, rules, and regulations, which are used as guidelines, in the world of man.  I AM not a specific height, or size, of any kind.  I AM not a specific complexion, nor am I any specific nationality.  Yet a child can easily recognize Me, and know Me, because they have not yet cloaked their spirit.  Many of you will say, “I do not define You, God, with the limitations of Earth.”  But you must recheck this statement.  If you define Me, with any limitation, with any specific build, or demeanor, or anything else you have personally experienced, in the world, then you are limiting Me in your eyes, you are limiting Me to that which you know.  Release your physicality and embrace your spirituality, the spirit that is you.  Live there, first, where our spirits are as one, and love will grow, within you, beyond limitations, and boundaries; and, you will draw nearer to Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God is all around you.  And, when God is all around you, you are in the arms of love.  You have heard it said, or read, that God is spirit, God is love, God is truth.  These descriptions do not define God, or limit God, in physical terms, but rather energies, which live beyond the body.  You are created in the image, and likeness, of God, but it has nothing to do with your physical form, temperament, or talents.  You are in the spirit image, and likeness, of God, and that image and likeness is eternal, and beyond limitations, and boundaries.