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December 5, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in love.  My presence, with you, is not done through smoke and mirrors, or other chicanery.  It is a miracle set in place before the beginning of all things, and it shall remain in place, until it is complete.  I AM with you, and it is through faith, you experience My presence, with you, until your eyes are opened, and you see all that is set before you.  Let us walk in The Garden today.                             

“The creation of all that is, is truly divine, and miraculous.  The continuation of all that is, is truly divine, and miraculous.  The truth, that The Creator of All Things, is approachable for all is truly divine, and miraculous.  For, what leader in the world, created by man, is so accessible to those in need?  Everything about God is truly divine, and miraculous, while, at the same time, being quite ordinary, and available to all, a Heavenly Entity, whose hand moved, and it was done, whose word was, and is, and forevermore will be.

      “When you live in a state of spiritual grace, you recognize that all God created is truly divine, and miraculous, even you, and the miracle of your birth.  If you are still upon Earth, you have a mission, which is truly divine, and miraculous.

      “My mission was, and remains, truly divine, and miraculous, from the time of My birth, upon Earth, to the time of My Resurrection.  It was all miraculous, in every way, and remains so, to this day.  Make sure you do not miss the point, that your life, on Earth, is meant to be the same.  Sometimes, miracles find you, and appear for you.  Sometimes, you are the bringer of a miracle to someone else, or a group, be it one or two.  Do not turn your head from the divine, from the miracles.  Live My story, walk with Me, and you will see all that happens, in the course of an ordinary day, as truly divine, and miraculous.  Receive the miracles.  Deliver the miracles.  Live in the spirit.  Experience Earth as you are meant to experience it, as spirit first.

      “All God created is truly divine, and miraculous, and this includes you.”