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December 6, 2021



      When you feel The Wind around you, moving, stirring, growing stronger, allow it to lift you up, so that you might go wherever The Wind will take you.  For it is in this way that The Wind will show you what you need to know, will take you where you need to go, so that you hold no concern within you for what you are to do, now, or thirty minutes from now.  What you are to do is be still, so you can feel The Breath of The Wind upon you, and then ride.  Be one with The Wind.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       No matter how many plans you make, how many lists you form, there will come a time when, seemingly out of nowhere, you will feel the stirring of The Wind, and it will not hold your lists, or your plans, as sacred as you might; for The Wind is The Breath of God, flowing to you.  The Wind knows all, and will whisper to you, as you are carried to be exactly where you need to be, at the right time, to meet your destiny.  For The Breath of The Wind is sent from God, and The Spirit of God will fill you, and you will be ready for all that comes to you.  Your lists will fall, your plans will crumble, when you are held, in The Light, and The Truth, of God, as it is whispered, on The Breath of The Wind.