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December 7, 2021


      I know your pain, I know your joy; for, I AM with you.  This is why, I ask of you, to bring your burdens to me, to come sit with Me, and together we will cleanse these things, and they will fall from you.  My grace will wash over you, and carry away the debris of anxiety, anguish, any pain, any anger, any hurt, any wound.  These things will be washed from you, when you sit with Me, for I know thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God is The Eternal Parent, The Good Parent, watching over each child, seeing, and knowing, experiencing the pain, the anguish, the joy, the dance, the complete story of each child’s life.  Just as a child goes to their earthly parents, with tears in their eyes, asking for help, or forgiveness, or singing songs of joy, run to The Eternal Parent, in the same manner.  Just as the earthly parent bends down, gathers the child up, and kisses the tears away, The Eternal Parent does the same.  Do not miss the opportunity to be held in the arms of your Eternal Parent, today.