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December 8, 2021



      You cannot measure the height, and the width, and the depth, of Heaven, as all things of Heaven are immeasurable, are boundless, are limitless, yet they enfold you, and all of Earth.  You cannot measure them, this height, and width and depth, but you can experience it, even while you are upon the Earth.  When you go into deep prayer, and reflection, into meditation, shutting the world of man off, closing it out, turning from it, you begin to feel it, you begin to know it.  And you know it, without measure, because it is with you.  I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can give measurement to a mile.  And, while different countries, and nationalities, have a different method, of measurement, they are still measuring an exact amount of distance.  They can measure height.  Each country can measure width, and depth, and weight.  And these things you know, because you can see how high something is, or how wide it is, or how deep it is.  But the unseen is immeasurable.  It is priceless, boundless, limitless.  And you are a part of it.  There can be no price settled, upon your head, for The Hand of God has touched you, and instead of measurement, you have received love, unconditional love, from The Creator of All Things.