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December 9, 2021



      Many of you, listening to these words, or reading these words, are in a time of preparation, for a celebration, a celebration of the birth of The Child, upon Earth.  And, as all women know, as the time of birth draws near, everything gets still.  They, themselves, move slower.  The child, within, is still.  Everything is at peace, and calm, preparing for that, which is to come, the miracle of birth.  Remember this in your preparation.  Do not be so frantic, and let times become so hectic, that you cannot be still, and prepare, for the birth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      You hear the words, the encouragement, often.  They are to be still, be quiet, be at peace.  And these urgings come, with a sense of urgency.  It is important, because you cannot hear The Still, Small Voice, within, speaking to you, bringing you The Wisdom of Heaven, if you are loud, and in a hurry, and going through the lists, you have made for the day, with such determination, that you push all other suggestions away.  In this season, of preparation, be still, be quiet, and wait.