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December 10, 2021


      There is a light flickering, within you.  You are meant to be a light unto the world.  To shine brightly, to have your flicker burst into a flame, you must clear the dust and debris, within, that is clouding the flame, reducing it to a flicker.  Begin the process, today.  Wherever it is necessary to forgive, forgive.  Wherever it is necessary to seek forgiveness, seek forgiveness.  Wherever there is a need to rid yourself of judgment, begin the process, so you might rid yourself of judgment, for I have not given you the right to judge.  You have the right to live, to be the light, to shine brightly, to be an example, so all might see My light, shining from within thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even a vast darkness is broken by a solitary candle.  And this is an example of what you, as an individual, can do, in the midst of great darkness.  All you need do is shine, from within.  There is no need for speeches, for commands, or demands.  There is only the light.  And the light will break the darkness, and you will be seen.  The prayer is that, when you are seen, it is The Light of God, shining, from within you, that is seen, through you.