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December 11, 2021



      If you are held captive, in a prison, with no light, no access to light, you slowly become accustomed to the darkness and the shadow.  You slowly accept this way of life, as it is your reality.  And your life continues, in darkness and shadow, moving amongst those, who are with you, captive, and imprisoned.  But come the day that the miracle throws open the doors, and you are free, from captivity, you walk out, into the day, and you are blinded by the light.  You cannot see, because of the light.  And then, slowly, light becomes your reality; and the light illuminates all of Earth, and you open your eyes, and see.  This can happen, every day, for you.  You might not realize that you are held captive, in a prison, of darkness and shadow, until you face The Light.  Do not run from The Light, which blinds you.  Stand in The Light, until it illuminates all around you; and then, you will see that, My Light is your reality.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When darkness and shadow become a way of life, it is easily assumed, that, that is all there is to life.  But there is another assumption one can make, when you are held captive in a prison of darkness and shadow, and that is, that The Light of God is within you.  You hold the key to the prison door.  All you have to do is turn it.  Faith.  Hope.  Trust.  Belief.  When you repeat these enough, the key slowly turns, clicking into place, with each recitation; and, each recitation, brings you closer, to the knowing.  And when the final click, of knowing, is struck, by the key, of faith, the walls, of the prison, fall down, and you are cloaked, and bathed, in The Light of The Son, in The Light of The Father, in The Light of The Holy Spirit, within you.  For you see, there is no prison, in reality, there is only The Light.