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December 12, 2021



      “I AM with you.  In all ways, through all days, and nights, I AM with you.  We can walk.  We can talk.  We can sing, with the birds.  We can do all things, together.  I reach for you, and summon you, to come, and see The Ways of Heaven.  I AM with you.  And for those of you, who believe this, there comes The Knowing, which will never leave you.                              



      “The Ways of The Divine, are often not sought, by the children, walking, upon the Earth.  Today, I encourage you to stop, wherever you are, and be still, and quiet, long enough, so that you might have some inkling of The Ways of The Divine.  The Divine Ways are The Ways of God.  And it is possible for you to live, in these ways, as you walk upon the Earth.  But first, to accomplish this, you must be willing to change your approach, to what is happening around you, to what is happening within you, in your thoughts. 

      “When something occurs, you instantly have the opportunity to make a choice.  You can see what is happening, or hear what is happening, from a physical stance; or, you can seize the opportunity, presented to you, to alter your view, slightly, so that you see, or hear, what is occurring, in a mystical way, a divine way.  Look at it, and hear it, and see, and hear, more, as the definitions, of the world, fall from the situation, as the judgment, of the world, falls from the situation, and you see it through The Eyes of God.  And once you begin to open, to living, upon the Earth, in this sacred state, your walk is slower, your speech is slower, that which you see, and hear, is even slower, because you are holding it in a different state, no longer judging, but watching, and seeing, and knowing, that The Hand of God is working, and all things are flowing, as they are meant to be,  But, when you are a party, of that situation, or occurrence, you have the opportunity to bring The Ways of Heaven to the situation.  This takes practice.  It takes a willingness, to alter your perspective, and to move, from the physical state, putting your spiritual body, first, and using your physical body to accomplish The Divine Ways.  And once you are walking, in The Ways of God, your life lifts, from the mundane, to the sublime, and you can feel Heaven around you.  You can feel Heaven, moving into you, with every breath, and coming out of you, with every exhalation.  It is then, that you become the living word, yourself, using the physical, to accomplish the spiritual goal, that Heaven flow upon the Earth, so it is divine in its ways, so The Presence of God is felt in all ways, because God is with you, always.”