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December 3, 2022



      Be willing to open your eyes: to new vistas; to open your heart to loving more; to open your ears, so that you might hear the truth.  Open your arms, so that you might greet new people, in the same manner that you welcome family, and dear friends.  Look, and see, and know, you are not upon the Earth to stand in one place, stagnant.  No.  You are upon the Earth to grow, with each experience.  So, walk into each hour of the day, without hesitation, knowing I will show you The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is comfort in the familiar: sleeping, in the same bed; eating, the same meals; holding, the same hands; repeating, the same things.  But to grow, spiritually, to grow, you must rise-up, from your comfort zone, and move out into the world, knowing: God is, within you; you have all you need; and the adventure is set before you.  But until you walk into it, there is no journey, there is no adventure, only the possibility of what is to come, to be, so you might know.  Rise-up and grow.  Look at the world, around you.  Walk into nature, and rejoice, in the growth there, and therein, share your own.