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December 4, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I see you.  I know you, and love you.  I AM with you, and knowing this, brings a comfort to you.  When you forget, a loneliness, often moves in, a sadness establishes a foothold.  But, when you remember, all is right, again, and you know, I AM with you.



      “It is difficult to live a simple life, when you are burdened with so many possessions, material things.  Yes, you need clothing.  Yes, you need to eat.  Yes, you need to drink.  Yes, you need to care for your body, and do so, in such a way, that you honor it, as a temple.  God is within you.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  I AM within you.  We are all within each other, and we are one. 

      “But I do not say these words, speaking only to you.  These words can be said to each one of you.  And if these words can be said to each one of you, then you are all one.  Think of it in simple terms.  Yes, you need clothing.  But you do not need ten closets full of clothing.  Yes, you need food.  But you do not need to hoard food, and stack it away.  Yes, you need drink, but also, share this too.  Do not hoard, or covet, or gather all you can around you.  Hold with you, that which you need, and release all else. 

      “There is nothing wrong with having gold, and silver, money, as long as you use it for good.  But when the gold, and silver, and money takes your focus, your interest, and becomes a god to you, in many ways, this is what needs to receive your attention, so that you can change it, totally.  If the flow, of money, comes to you, use what you need, and let it go through, passing to others, so they too can do. 

      “Keep your life simple.  Unclutter your closets.  Unclutter your drawers.  Make a clean sweep, so that you have what you need, and not much more.  And do the same with all your spiritual gifts.  Use them.  Use them for the good of all.  Take your gifts, and let them be seeds, from which vines will, erupt with life, and be filled, with fruit, so others too, can some, and see, and eat the fruit, of the gifts you have been given.  It is a flow. 

      “Do not complicate your spiritual life.  Let it be simple.  Speak with God.  Touch nature.  Speak with the trees, and the rivers, and the rocks, and the birds, and bees, and the flowers… and the trees.  Let your presence be known.  God reveals the face of God, the love of God, the compassion of God, the beauty of God, and it is the revelation, held in nature, all around you.  Look at it, and you will know how good, and beautiful, is your God.  Simplify your material life, simplify your spiritual life, to the point where you run, and sing, and are happy, with what you see.  God’s creation is revealing, the face of God to you, the heart of God to you, the love of God to you.  And it is for you, as you are part of The Great Creation of God.”


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