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December 4, 2023


          When you are tempted to think ill of others, squelch the notion before it becomes the bud, which flowers, in your thoughts.  Be still and quiet, prayerful in your way of starting each day.  By sitting with Me such thoughts will melt away, becoming prayers of support for the light to surround that person in a very special way.  For, all My children are worthy of consideration, and stillness of spirit.  Rather than to curse, bless all you know.  Sharing light in the darkest of places, until the light I give unto you glows, bringing illumination to shadows and doubt.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not curse, that which you do not understand.  For, you cannot know what has invaded another, bringing them to where they presently stand.  Let My love flow, within thee, and from thee, bringing light and life to a once shadowland.  Be My Light.  As I lead you, follow.  As I whisper words of wisdom to thee, speak them to others.  As I share with thee, share with others.  Do not defame, for in The Holy Name of God there is no shame, only love.  Love.