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December 7, 2022



      I love each of you, equally.  There is not one being, upon the Earth, which I do not love.  This is possible, because I go to the core of their being, where there, is My love.  I love you, each, equally.  So, whenever you are hurting, crying, feel ashamed, or guilty, or disgraced, I hold you, within the energy of My love.  So, do not be tempted to throw stones at one who is at their lowest point.  For you might not see Me, but I AM there, with them, holding them.  And if it applies to you, it is the same.  I AM with you, holding you, loving you.  I stand with you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Reject, outright, any thought that might suggest that you judge another, or mock another, or speak ill of another, or join in the gossip of another.  For, doing these things will be as if you have picked up the stones, and hurled them.  And when you hurl those stones, they fall upon both of us.  For, I AM there, with the victim of your anger, hatred, cruelty, or mockery.  Think upon this.  For, what you say about another, and what you do to another, you say about Me, and do about Me.  For, My love will hold, not only you, but each one of you.  So, do not stone us with your judgments.  Embrace us, with your love.  What you do to one another, you do, also, to Me.