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December 8, 2022



      Resist the temptation, to wring your hands, to lash-out in anger, when times of challenge, and trauma, come to you.  Do not throw yourself this way, or that way, and do not scream out for revenge.  The temptation will be great to do this, when traumatic, or dramatic, events occur around you, or to you, within you.  When this occurs, and into each of your lives, it will come, at one time, or another, be still.  Set yourself aside.  Close the door, and sit with Me.  I will wrap My arms around thee, and hold you, in such a way, that you know, we are one.  And slowly, peace will return, and peace will emerge, from the shattered pieces, of the trauma.  Be still, and know, for I AM God, and I AM within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Times of turmoil will tempt you into acts of expending your energy, in such a way, that it is not productive, in fact, it is counterproductive, pointing fingers, casting blame, being angry, all in the name of frustration, and hurt, and doubt, and concern, and worry.  Know this, I AM the fulfillment of the promise, made thousands of years ago, by Jesus.  He promised, to send, an advocate, to dwell, within each of you.  And so, I AM, within each of you.  I AM to be your comfort.  I AM to be your counselor.  I AM to hold you, until you feel you can breathe deeply, once again.  And then, rise-up, in The Light of The Son, and continue your grand journey, upon the Earth.