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February 14, 2023


      Come, the heart, your heart, no matter the state.  Come the heart, into My healing hands, into My love for you.  You have heard the call, to come, as you are.  This does not only apply to the state of your outer dress.  This applies to your inner garment, to the state of your heart.  Bring it to Me.  No matter, if your heart is held captive, with the energy of anger, hatred, shame, guilt, bring it to Me.  I will enfold your heart, within My love for you.  I will hold your heart, with My hands.  And within the pressure of My hands, and love for you, I will shatter your hardened heart, and replenish, to the fullest measure, within your heart, the love it was created to experience.  The heart is created to love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   And so it is, God’s love for you, will recreate, within you, a heart of love for all things.  Come forth the heart, and you will be healed.


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