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February 15, 2023



      Know that I AM always with you.  Sometimes, My Presence is subtle, like background music.  Sometimes, My Presence moves into your being, with intensity, and you sway, embraced by the rhythm, of your Creator.  As you close your eyes, to the ways of the world, around you, you make the choice of how close we are to be, and our union grows deeper, and more profound, as you release the material, and move into the spiritual, the space of eternity.  It is during those times that you remember the eternal being you are, and ecstasy is yours, once again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Listen to My whisper, from within you.  It will lead you into eternal truth, wherein the flame of wisdom burns brightly, giving clarity to all, who will be quiet, and hear the whisper, who will rise in still, and see that which is revealed in the illumination.