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February 20, 2023



      When you live from, and for, the material that, which you can possess, as your own, is limited.  But when you live from, and for, the spiritual, that, which you possess, is eternal life, within My love.  It is boundless, endless, forever.  Live from the spiritual, so that you do not have boundaries.  Your spirit will guide you, so that you know, what to do.  And in the knowing, of what you are to do, you access your physical, the physical body, which is the vessel for the real, and holy, you, the spirit that is you.  Rather than coming from the material, the physical, first, seeking to access the spiritual, come from the spiritual, first, seeking to use your body to do the will of your spirit.  Life, on Earth, will change, for you, when you live, from the spirit, that is you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are meant to live, upon the Earth, spirit first, and your body, your physical body, moving in the direction your spirit is showing, speaking, telling.  The divine life, upon Earth, happens, when you are first spirit; and second, allowing your body to follow your spirit, and live, in the love, and light, of God, as you walk upon the Earth.  The light of God is with you.  Live this day, spirit first, within The Light of God, and The Way shall be made clear for you.