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February 19, 2023



      While we sit together, in quiet, temptations will knock at the door, trying to lure you from our peaceful communion, into worry about something, sometimes whispering you have much to do.  Ignore the knock, resist the urge to attend to a chore or task.  Remain with me, for all will be as it is, when our time together is complete.  That requiring your attention will wait.  A worrisome situation will wait.  When we are together, you grow in wisdom, and once our time, in sacred union, is full and rich with love, that, which awaits your attention, will be done, in peace; and, the worrisome situation will not rule your thoughts, for you will have seen the light, and therein see truth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Accept the invitation to sit with God with eager anticipation, knowing that is the time of light, peace, and truth.