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February 19, 2023


      “I AM with you.  I AM eager to share the joy, and peace, of sitting quietly with God, and growing in wisdom, while doing so.  The words you conceive, within your thoughts, can be filled with truth.  They can be good words.  But, when you speak the words of God, you are speaking eternal truth.  This truth, this eternal truth, can only be known, when communing with God.  Accept the invitation to sit, with God, and grow in wisdom, speaking The Word of God.         


      “The words you read, write, or speak can be good words.  They can hold truth, and carry beauty, within them.  But, when you speak The Word of God you are bringing The Voice of God into the present piece of eternity, in which you dwell, at the time.  The words, which come from God, are not difficult to speak, for they flow, from The Breath of God, compelling one to be still, and quiet.  You do not struggle with vocabulary, or sentence structure.  The words are of God, and are perfect, in their pitch, truth, love.  The words are a message, of wisdom, cutting through challenging topics to show The Way, without the necessity to coerce, or unduly persuade.  The Word of God is a light, shining in the darkness, of all that is, happening around you.  The Word of God is, within you.  You do not have to buy a ticket to attend, for the space is, within you.  God is waiting to speak, with you, to wrap you in abiding, unconditional love, to hold you, caressing cares and worries away.

      “As I walked upon the Earth, I made time to go to Our Father, and listen.  And The Word was given unto Me, as I stood in The Light of God.  The words flowed, upon The Breath of God, into My being, so they became a part of Me, so I knew The Word, from My core.  And The Word of God, which came to Me, still echoes, through the centuries, marking the time of man.

      “Do not struggle, when all you need to know is waiting, within, to be discovered, and treasured, by you.  The invitation is issued.  Come, and sit, with God, to grow in wisdom, so you might know The Way Home.”