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February 18, 2023



      After a long day’s walk, through the world created by mankind, lift-up your face, and receive the shower of grace, as it moves, over you, around you, and through you, and removes all debris gathered, during the work of the day, preparing you for a night of rest, and rejuvenation.  As a weary traveler seeks the respite of water and shade, I invite you to remember the sweet oasis, within you, where we will meet, and the solace of our communion will rinse all weariness from you, as we sit, and are one in love and light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Oh the delight of a comfortable place to rest, in peace, especially after a day of work.  And that place of peace is, within you, where I AM, waiting to refresh you, with the waters of grace, and the fruits of wisdom.  The invitation is issued.  Come.  For I await you, within your sacred being, at the oasis of your soul, where all, debris of the day, will be washed away, as unspoken words create the conversation of Heaven and Earth, of physical and spiritual, of you and Me.