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February 17, 2023



      Do not hesitate to make that journey within, while your eyes are closed to the ways of the world.  Do not stop with a knock at the door of the spiritual realm, which is within you.  Look deeper into that which at first appears void, sometimes total darkness.  For, the longer you look, into the abode of The Holy Spirit, within you, the more is revealed to you.  Look, and you will see The Light.  Make the time to first seek guidance, from that which is, within you.  Heaven is with you, and Heaven is near to you, as near to you as your breath, your thought, the beat of your heart, as near to you as My love for you.  Knock, and step over the threshold into the sanctuary of wisdom and peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The wealth of Heaven is, within each of you.  There is not one of you who was sent onto the Earth, without blessings, gifts, riches beyond that which the world can give you.  However, there are those of you who are ignorant of the treasure you carry within; there are those of you who deny the treasure you carry within.  I AM waiting, for you to be still, and quiet, and knock.  I was sent to you so that you might continue to be taught by God, so you might know The Ways of God, even as you walk upon the Earth.  There is not one book which can tell you that which I can whisper in our quiet communion; for, when we speak, that, which you hear, are The Words of God, and they will fill you with wisdom, and peace.