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February 21, 2022


      You carry riches, within you.  Do not let these riches, your true wealth, lie dormant, within you.  If I have given you the gift, of compassion, and that is, within you, do not allow the opinion of others, to keep you from going to the well, of compassion, within you, and using the gift.  If I have given you the gift, of charity, do not let this gift lie dormant, within you.  And do not allow the opinion of others to keep you from using the gift, of charity.  Each time you use the gifts, that I have given you, that are, within you, they will bear fruit.  If you use the gift, of compassion, with another person, in need of compassion, that exchange of the gift, of compassion, will be as if you planted a tree, of compassion, and the fruit, comes from the tree, and it rests around thee, and the recipient, of the gift, as well.  Do not permit another’s opinion of others to keep you from going to the well, that is, within you, and drawing-up, whatever you need: to make Earth a better place to live; to use the gifts, so that the fruits might feed others, fuel others, support others.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be times, when you know, that within you, you have a treasure, that can help another person, yet you hesitate, to use the gift, within you, because of the opinion, of the world, around you.  If you desire to use the gift, of compassion, within you, to give to another person, do so.  Even when the opinion, of the world around you, says they are not worthy of your gift, give it anyway.  Do not be restrained, or retained, or confined, by the opinions of others.  For, the message has come down, to you, to love one another, without hesitation.  Love one another.  Use the gifts, you have been given.  In this way, others will come to know Me, through you, and that, which you do, with the gifts, that are held, within you.