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February 22, 2022



      When the road, set before you, is winding, and challenging, I will straighten it, for you, with My truth.  When the road, set before you, is leading you, up into the mountains, too steep to climb, to walk, to trod, I will level it, for you, with My strength, so that you might pass.  And when the road, set before you, leads you down, to the floor, of the canyon, I will bring it up, so that you might walk, with ease, with My courage.  No matter, what road, is set before you, it will be made passable, for you, because of My love, for you.  Because of My love, for you, you will never walk alone.  The road, that is winding, will be straight.  The road, that is steep, will be made level.  The road, that leads down, into the canyon floor, will be brought up to you, so you might walk, with ease.  Each, of these, will be accomplished, through truth, strength, courage, and My love for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Rise-up, and meet this new day, and be excited about the way it will unfold.  Without fear, walk into this new day, for whatever it might hold for you, God has so much better thoughts, plans, words, for you, which will fill you, and fuel you, as you make your way, through this day.  Wherever there is challenge, you will meet the challenge, with the ways of God, with you.  No matter what this day brings to you, celebrate the day, because, with the coming of the day, there comes, from God, a way.  God is with you, today.