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February 23, 2022



      A stream, an ocean, a river, a lake, even a solitary drop of water, is beautiful, in its own right.  But when the stream, and the ocean, and the river, and the lake, and the solitary drop of water, is held, within the light of the sun, they, each one, become brilliant, alive, shining, sparkling.  And it is the same with you, after all you too are a body of water.  And when you are filled with My light, you shine, you sparkle, you come alive.  You transcend beauty, to become the brilliance of light, reflecting in that, which you are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, notice how, when caught in the light, brilliance flashes sparkles, shines, from the ordinary.  And, filled with this light, the ordinary evolves, and becomes extraordinary, when caught in the light.  Stand in The Light of God, and be The Light of God, and your life will evolve from ordinary to an extraordinary presence of God, with you, The Light of God, in you, and shining from you.  Be, in The Light of God, today.