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February 24, 2022



      There is not one part of your journey, upon Earth, that is not of great value.  I AM not suggesting that you consider this is so.  I AM telling you that it is so.  And this includes, those parts, that you would rather forget, that you are hiding, for which you hold regret.  It is time for you to raise-up your head, and know, the value, of all pieces and parts, of your journey.  And this does include the times, you have stumbled, or fallen.  You have lived through something, that could be, you believe, great embarrassment to you, that you believe, possibly, that brings you shame, that causes a feeling of guilt to rise-up in you.  These are the times, when you have learned, a valuable lesson, by living through it.  This qualifies you, to stand in a place, of knowing it, better than those who might not have tripped, might not have fallen.  And so, when you learn the lesson, of the trip, the stumble, the fall, then you know it.  You know all aspects of what caused the stumble, and what caused the fall.  And you know it so well, that you can avoid these pitfalls, these actions, these thoughts, because you know the result, you know what will happen.  And when you hold this knowing, then, when others come to you, telling you something, a piece of their story, you can take them by the hand, invite them to sit with you, and you become the teacher, the one, who brings them a valuable lesson, so that they do not hang their head, they do not shrug their shoulder, they do not hide in shame, or guilt, because you have given them, the story, that will lead them, to the glory of understanding the stumble, the trip, the fall.  Do not hang your head in shame, raise-up your eyes to Me, and speak My name.  And remember to be thankful, for all that you have learned, because within that book, that book of knowing, that you carry, within you, you have wisdom.  You know why.  You know the result, of a thought, a word, or a deed.  And this knowing, will be your safety net, when all is growing dark, and shadowy, around you.  You are meant to be the light.  Let the lessons of your life, fuel your light, so that you shine brightly, in the knowing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are tempted, to hide something, because of the energies, of guilt, and shame, stop, and go no farther, until you speak the name of God.  And God will remind you, of the value, of your lessons, each and every one of them.  Your lessons, once learned, are the words in your book of wisdom you carry, within you.  And you will be a calming balm, for those seeking, compassing, and understanding.  You will know, what to say, because it is written, in the book of wisdom, that you carry, within you.