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February 25, 2022


      There will be times, in your life, when you are seeking answers.  And I AM not speaking of seeking: a missing ingredient; information about a map, leading to a destination, for a vacation; or, where your missing shoe might be.  I AM speaking of times when you are seeking answers, which hold wisdom, which prepare you, for that, which is to come.  And it is in these times, that you will find it necessary, to be still, and quiet, and seek My hand, to sit with Me.  For there will be no book, written by man, there will be no course to take, designed by man, which will bring you the wisdom you need, at that time, which will be the extended hand of wisdom, of all time.  My son, My daughter, I AM the only answer you need.  And when you seek the answer, from Me, the answer, you receive, holds The Wisdom of God, The Creator of All Things, The Knower of All That is Eternal.  And this answer will bring you peace.  No matter what it is, it will bring you peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      During turbulent times, questions, and answers, seem to be letters, thrown in the air, floating everywhere, falling as they may, forming the answer, for that particular day.  The winds of chaos blow, and answers can be caught in that wind.  But what you want to know, when you ask, seeking direction and guidance, is the right answer, for you.  God is the only answer, specifically for you.  This is why, I was sent to dwell within you, to be a part of you.  I know your thoughts.  I hear the words you say, even when you are speaking to yourself.  I know you, from the inside.  This was planned, by God, that you might have counsel, which is specifically for you.  But to hear, the answer, specifically for you, you must be still, and go within, and be willing to hear The Whisper of God.