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February 26, 2022



      When you are lost, it helps to have some experience, some recall, of what you did the last time you were lost.  When you are lost, it helps, if you can figure out, where you are, right now.  And it is helpful, if you have experience, on figuring out, where you are, right now.  When you are lost, your experience helps you, to figure out, where you are to go, to get, where you want to be.  Experience, and calling on Me, reading the signs, knowing The Way, this can be helpful, to you, every day.  I send you signs.  I send messengers, with messages.  I send angels, in dreams, and apparitions, and visions.  I encourage you, to use, all that is yours, to use.  And when this is done: you know, the experience, because you lived it; you know, where you are, because you have listened, to the messengers, with the message; and you know, where you are going, because My hand is guiding you, and you are not lost, nor are you afraid.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is important to remember, all your past experiences, as lessons, not as punishment, not with guilt and shame, but powerful lessons.  And these lessons, which are your experiences, upon the Earth, assist you in knowing, where you are, right now.  You will even know, how you arrived, at where you are, right now.  And, with your experience, and lessons, and knowing, where you are, right now, you are prepared, to walk The Way.  You will not be lost.  Read the signs.  Listen, and hear, the messages.  Open your eyes to visions, your will to dreams, your heart to apparitions, and walk, My son, or daughter, over the Earth, this day.  For soon, it will be time, for Me to call you Home.  And as we sit, you will have much to say, about how you made your way, while you were upon the Earth.