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February 27, 2022



      “I AM with you.  And it is a joy to be with you.  Awaken to My presence with you.  And it is not so difficult to know I AM with you.  When you think of Me, I AM with you.  When you remember My words, I AM with you.  When you find joy, in a sunrise, or a sunset, I AM with you.  I AM with you, so that you might know The Way, so that you might speak, and walk, with Me, today.  I AM with you.                                                  

“I AM with you so often, but the messages, and the messengers, and the signs, sent from God, are with you, as well.  You do not have to feel alone, when you are sad, when you feel you are rejected, when you hide yourself in shame.  No matter why you are feeling this sorrow, I AM with you.  God sends messages, and messengers, with the messages, so that you might know you are not alone, so that you might see the messages, sent from Home.  And there are many ways to read, the signs, and know The Way.  But often: even when you have seen the sign, clearly, you call it a coincidence; even when you have received the words, you think it is an accident.  You call it strange.  The words come to you, even when those around you, say that you are deluding yourself into thinking, this is so.  Sometimes, they say it is déjà vu.  But they are not correct.

      “It is important for you to believe the signs, to open to the visitations, to the apparitions, to the visions, to the whispers.  When you begin to read the signs, sent to you, from God, your life will be greatly enriched, and joy and happiness will be abundant, in everyday living, because you will know, how much God loves you, by showing you so.

      “When you begin to doubt, that it is even possible for you to be receiving words from God, visions from God, messages from God, remember how MY life began, upon Earth, even before My arrival.  There were visitations, by angels, and words, to not be afraid.  There were signs, in the stars, moving into just the right positions.  There were dreams, giving advice, and direction.  There were apparitions, visions, messengers with messages.  All of these things happened, because God was guiding those, who would listen, to see, to know, and to grow, in their love, and trust, and belief, in Him, and what He will always do for the sons and daughters, upon the Earth.

      “Do not turn your head, on what is given to you.  Do not slam the door, on what is being presented to you.  Begin to rejoice, when the messengers bring the messages, to you, even when it is: written, in the stars; carried, on the wings of a bird; sung, in the song of the stream; whispered, in the night, in a dream.  Use everything that is given to you, and a new experience will open to you, the experience of living, upon the Earth, knowing exactly what you are to do.”