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February 27, 2022



      I send you signs, and messages, and messengers, and angels, and dreams, and visions, and visitations, and apparitions.  I sent to you My Holy Spirit, to dwell, within you.  I whisper to you.  I sent My Living Word, to dwell, amongst you.  Why do you think I do, and did, all these things, and will continue to do so?  The answer, My son, My daughter, is: so you might not lose your way; so, when you have lost you way, you can return to The Way; so that you are not alone; so that your life, upon Earth, is rewarded, and richly so; so that, while you are upon the Earth, you walk with Me, and all that is of Me.  Do not deny the signs.  Do not begrudge the messages.  Embrace the signs, and the messages, and all the other communications, which are sent to you.  Live fully.  Live abundantly.  Live joyfully, by using all I send to thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       By using the signs, which God sends to you, you are doing exactly what you are meant to do.  Do not permit others to tell you, you are grasping at straws, when you are reading the stars.  Do not allow others to tell you, you are living in the past, when you are acknowledging the messages, at last.  Do not permit others to say, you are denying the truth, when you are gathering, all the information, sent to you, and using it as God’s truth, God’s messages, God’s ways, to lead you Home.  Do not deny, that which is sent to you.  Use it, wisely, because it is God’s message to you.